Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm shit tired from last night. Booooo. Anyway, the party was quite awesome i thought. hehe.

I went to Krystine's place to prepare the food while Ying went to OU for Yisan's farewell party, speaking of which, Yisan! Hope you have a great time in UK! Call me if you need anything! :)
Yeah so we decided to make the sandwiches first.

We went grocery shopping the night before, the cucumbers! haha!

We made chili tuna sandwiches and mayo tuna with cucumbers. I was supposed to pick up Ying and Krys' birthday cakes from Kevin's place but Ying was all like "oh drop you off at Krystine's place first then only go OU" so I couldn't get it, instead Kevin sent them to Krys's house and he ended up helping us and doing his homework.

The chili tuna sandwiches!

The mayo tuna cucumber sandwiches.

We also decided on cocktail sausages which Krys insisted we boil because frying it was gonna be so oily and unhealthy. 

Kevin playing with Krys' brother.

Tszuen with cucumber in his mouth.

Boiling the sausages.

Krys munching on one of them.

We decided to fry some of the sausages and see which goes faster which actually ended up to be the boiled ones. There were more leftover fried ones than boiled ones.

Them drying off the excessive oil.


We were then supposed to go and do the playlist for the party but Krys wanted to shower so Kevin and i decided to play some Guitar Hero while we wait. I suck in that game!! Bah!

Teaching Kevin how to play.

We finally went over to the guest house after Krys played Dream On and go through the songs while waiting for Yi Tang to come before we went out for dinner. We had korean BBQ! hehe. Krys didn't want to eat that actually cause she said our shirts were gonna stink but she caved when all three of us wanted to eat it. She had her soup and ironically, the smoke was going her way! Haha! So she smelled like BBQ more than us.

We then brought all the food to the guest house. It was freezing in there!!! And it was bloody raining the whole evening.

The food. Sandwiches, sausages, fries, crisps and grapes. The frozen grapes were a hit! We so have to get that next time.

Me and Kevin had to go out and get more booze since we found out there were alot of last minute people coming. We went to Tesco since they sell booze cheaper than the rest of the hypermarkets but they didn't have nice ones so didn't buy from there. We were walking when Kevin said to me that he really needed the toilet and was rushing there. Krys called to tell us to buy something else other than tequila since Tzern arrived and brought one bottle with him and I told her Kevin ditched me to shit and she, Tzern and Matt laughed. So i walked to Ikano by myself and was browsing the liquor section in Cold Storage before Kevin caught up with me.

We ended up buying Bombay Sapphire and Bols and more mixers since they called and told us they were running out. Then we went to Ikea to check whether they had the olive oil pouring things but they didn't so we walked back to Tesco. I was waiting in the car while Kevin went to pay for the carpark when this random Malay dude came up to my side of the car and was like "Cik, Cik, buat apa sini?" I just slammed the door shut in his face but he didn't leave! Instead, he knocked on the window and I just looked away. He only left when a car drove past. Talk about freaky... Then we went back to Tropicana and there were already quite alot of people there.

Mingling. :)

Joshua with the Yaps' camera. Jade was mostly the one taking pictures.

The drinks table with Kevin's drinking roulette.

The so called bartender that night. I think he was making long island when i took this pic.

Krys, Yi Tang and Jin Khai watching Kevin.

Pradish, Jinyi, Omar and Marvind.

Joshua, Ying and me.

Ying was drinking that night! Haha! Yatie came too! but she could only stay until 10.30 but it was great seeing her.

Amir, Yatie, Me, BoonKeong and Matt.

They were asking Wai Hong not to pour so much! Haha.

Non-alcohol people, Jin Khai and Danil.

Joshua bloody moved in almost every shot I had of him that night. Zetty(looking away), Li Ling and Khyeren.

Me and Tzern! My 'high' buddy for the night.

Party going on with music blasting and alcohol. loves it. hahahahaha. :D

Jade, Ying and I.

The couple. Aw.

Amelia taking her tequila shot. I had to down Ying's cause she refused to drink it!

The Kuas/Quah. :)

The other guys. Krys invited Ethan and he called his friends. Quite a fun bunch minus the violence.

Kevin and Pradish.

Jinyi and Roshen who was an entertaining drunkard. hEHE. Dancing and singing to almost every song playing.

Naj's unhappy cause she could only drinking lime and sprite. Haha.

Najwa and Amelia.

The chaos and craziness of drunken boys.

One of the ones who crashed, YokHong? hugging Ying's elmo which was a gift from Tzern and Matt, i think.

Krys with the finished drinks.

Everyone left about midnight? I don't know cause i was tipsy and high by midnight. I was basically just lying on the bed with Tzern who was equally as high as I was while we chatted with Najwa. Oh and I puked! Eeek. But sobered up fast after puking. Had a massive headache after that, was downing water like crazy.

The few ones who stayed the entire night/morning at Krys' place. Karchun, Adrian, Ying, Jade, Sueann, Joshua, Kevin, Amelia and me. There were a few of Ethan's friend who were dead asleep downstairs and Desmond.

Krys' birthday cake. She didn't know I got her one cause I told her i only got Ying 2 cakes, one for eating and one for smashing and basically having cake fight. We were singing and she was singing along thinking it was for Ying until i brought the cake in front of her and she was all like "oh?! its mine? hahahahaha. And i was singing along!!" XD I think it was a coffee choc cake? can't remember, we didn't eat the cake since we thought we were a bit too tipsy for cake.

Ying's cake. Banana crumble! it was heavy for a cake! Didn't eat it either.

Karchun with my speakers. The guys were playing Shake it repeatedly to bob their heads to the beginning! No complaints cause it was really fun dancing along to it. We were also singing to Mika! Fun fun.

Kevin and Chivas.

The wasted people.

Joshua and Elmo.

We basically talked the entire night until 5 ish when some started to doze off. i was awake the whole night so i decided to clean up the place a bit. Ying and i left for home in the morning to sleep in our houses since there wasn't enough beds in the guest house since we had a few unexpected guests. Haha. Crashed as soon as I got home and showered. Didn't wake up till tuition at 4 and dad cooked dinner for tuition teacher and family and invited them over, watched the Olympics closing ceremony and now updating. I'm going to try to sleep cause I have 7am class tomorrow. Byes!

Quick note to Danil, you feeling better now?? i'm sooo sorry that happened to you. 


I'll end with the bottles last night. :) Awesome party, gotta do it again next time. Hehe. night!

11:58 pm